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sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2019

Y el #BlackFriday sigue en Rosegal. No se si habéis visto su web, pero siguen con grandes descuentos en su web, con motivo del black friday, y como siempre usando su codigo tenemos aún más descuentos.

Black Friday Crazy Sale on - Best deals for him and her for clothing, shoes and bags, accessories, hair, home and so much more. 

Ya sabéis que en muchas ocasiones compro alguna cosa en Rosegal, y es que tanto la ropa, los zaptos como los accesorios están a muy buenos precios. Naturalmente aprovecho sus descuentos especiales para tener un mayor descuento. Y ene stos momentos, podemos conseguir descuentos de hasta el 60% de decuento. 

Black Friday Sale is coming soon and since we it is the best opportunity to shop more for less, I wanted to share with you some good news on "Rosegal"

If you`re regular on my blog, you`ll know I written about them a several times, and with a good reason. This online shop have a huge variety of clothing, shoes and bags, accessories, hair and home decor. If you are not familiar with them, Rosegal is a online store, started by a group of friends who share a deep passion for fashion, both vintage and modern. They offer both styles of clothing, shoes and accessories, always trying to share their love for fashion and offer the best deals. 

Rosegal Black Friday Sale offers 12%-20% off depending on amount you spend, discount collections for Black Friday and Flush Sale which is the best deal (some of the items are over 60% off, but you must be quick, because it ends in less then 24 hours)! 

Este cardigan lo tengo ya en mi armario y tendo que deciros que queda fenomel, en estos momentos lo encontramos al 30% de descuento.

This Faux fur cardigan is -32% off and it`s perfect for fall and winter. Besides this light khaki, it`s available in black, red wine and camel brown and features faux fur collar and batwing sleeves. 

También encontramos decuentos en la ropa de Navidad y es que ahora que se acercan las navidades, siempre terminamso comprando algún producto navideño, y la ropa no tiene porque ser menos. Esta sudadera navideña la encontramos a un 59% de descuento.

If you are looking for comfy hoodie that will keep you warm and cosy this Christmas, this is the great solution. This hoodie is -59% off and it`s available in three colors, dark gray, black and light gray. Christmas print on the sleeves and the hoodie will make you feel festive and keep you warm. 

Y para los hombres tamien hay grandes descuentos, y es que esta sudadera la odemos encontrar a un 25% de descuento. 

Speaking of holidays and comfy clothing, I`m positive your boyfriend would love this black hoodie which is -25% off and he can choose black or gray one. Perfect for the movie night at home during the Christmas break. 

Rosegal tiene una gran colección de ropa de talla grande. Este jersey es uno de ellos, y en estos momentos lo podemos en contrar a un 39% de descuento y de diferentes colores.

Rosegal also have a nice selection of clothing for plus size girls. This casual T-Shirt is -39% off and it`s available in four different colors. Really cute and perfect for running errands, working at home or just chilling in front of the TV. Sweetheart neck and the zipper makes it look more then just a regular T-Shirt. 

Y como siempre digo, Rosegal no se olvida de nosotros en ningun sitio ¿Os gustan estas luces? 

If you are into bohemian style, you`ll love this dream catcher with lights, perfect for Christmas, but also it can be nice decor whole year around, right? Bohemian style and feathers are very trendy lately and it can be a cute, festive decor in the bedroom with it`s soft lights. 

Last, but not least, Rosegal prepared a coupon code for my readers and friends: 

Acordaros que con el código RGN20 tenéis un 22% de descuento extra en pedidos de más de 20U$

Extra 22% off, FOR ORDERS OVER 20 USD - Use code: RGN20 

Happy shopping!! 

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